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Performance start 18:00
A Clockwork Orange

An iconic novel by Anthony Burgess, directed by top-ranked contemporary director, on the stage of the Theatre on Podil!

To hate, you have to be capable of loving someone.

Mongolian proverb

Humans tend to make mistakes. One, two, ten. We give preference to the path of the strongest, the way of violence and blood.

People create beautiful things, develop and evolve. We are capable of LOVE.

What should we be like? We make choices every day.

But if we were deprived of the opportunity to decide, the right to make a mistake – we could become beautiful and controlled mechanical dolls, the willless fruits of human Love for power over others.

Performance language - Ukrainian

Additional Information - Translation and play by Avtandil Varsimashvili

Genre - Psychological thriller

First night - 15 November 2020

Author - Anthony Burgess

Director & Set Designer - Avtandil Varsimashvili

Costume Designer - Nina Rudenko,Svitlana Zaikina

Music - Eliso Ordzhonikidze

Lighting Designer - Sergey Nevgadovsky

Video - Alexander Bratinov

Sound Engineer - Sergey Shevchenko

Specialist in the development of drawings and models of stage design - Kristina Radionova

Designer of creating 3D-model scene - Vladimir Mikhailov

Stage manager - Sofia Lyudvichenko