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Performance start 19:00
Ticket price 250-600 hrn
Concert of the Japanese band “ShamiPia”

The ShamiPia project is a collaboration between two Japanese musicians Ono Keisho and Motooka Mamoru.

Ono Keisho – a musician who plays the traditional Japanese seven-string instrument. His motto is “to keep traditional music going beyond traditional music.”

Motoroka Mamoru is a diverse Japanese pianist who plays in genres such as jazz, rock, pop, classical music and more. In 2017, the musicians performed a concert tour in four European countries, and in March 2018 released the first disc “Moonlight”.

Shamisen is a three-stringed musical instrument with a fretless fretboard and a small body, with a total length of about 100 cm. Along with the beat, koto and shakuhachi are among the most important musical instruments in Japan. The range is 2 or 4 octaves, the sound is produced mainly by the plectrum, less often by the fingers.

In 16th century Japan, it was believed that there were only two styles for playing the shamisen: kouta (for a short song) and nagauta (for a long one). However, today there are more than 70 genres of traditional music, and progressive musicians use the instrument to perform parts intended for electric guitars.

«This is Japanese speed metal!»