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Performance start 12:00
Ticket price 90-250 hrn
CAIN XVIII, or beware of the mosquito!

In one kingdom news are spreading very quickly and not because of spies, but rather through the Internet. The story about a young and beautiful princess, a poor actor, an old but rich king who lives in the era of nanotechnology and is not afraid of anything other than leakage of information and atomic mosquito. A fairytale for children and their parents.

“Of course, this is a fairytale about the struggle of good and evil”. And the evil is not abstract. “There are two storylines: the first is the theme of love: the tyrant king drove a princess from a neighboring kingdom, for which Yan is struggling, traveling musician. He is in love with the princess… The second is a story with a nuclear mosquito. Unfortunately, the theme with a nuclear mosquito is still of current interest, because tyrants were and are, who decide, that they can conquer the world and impose their culture by force”, – director Vladimir Kudlinskyy.

The play is performed by Yuriy Vysotsky course of students of Kiev National I. K. Karpenko-Kary Theatre, Cinema and Television University: Yevgeny Lisnychy, Andrei Shymanovsky, Maxim Samchik, Peter Ninyovsky, Gleb Mykhailychenko, Vyacheslav Sokirko, Petro Mazur, Aleksandr Videnko, Valery Lukianets, Veronika Mishaeva, Ksenia Nikishina, Vasylina Palamar, Marina Grichinina, Paulina Frolova, Diana Kuzminova, Anzhelika Onischuk, Anna Ostapenko, Angelina Platoko, Alyona Jagiich, Marina Ilyina, and Actors of the Kiev Academic Drama Theater on Podol: Volodymyr Kuznetsov, Alexander Danilchenko and Stanislav Melnyk.


Video from CAIN XVIII.

Performance language – Ukrainian

Additional Information – The artistic director of the project – People’s Artist of Ukraine, Shevchenko National Prize laureate Vitaly Malakhov

1 hour 45 min. with intermission

Genre – Fairytale

First night – December 2, 2018

Author – Eugen Schwartz

Director – Volodymyr Kudlinsky

Translation from Russian – Volodymyr Kudlinsky

Set & Costume Designer – Maria Pogrebnyak

Music – Vladimir Borisov, Honored Art Worker of Ukraine Timur Polyanskyi

Choreographer – Angelika Borisova

Artistic director of the project – People’s Artist of Ukraine, laureate of the National Prize of Ukraine named after Taras Shevchenko Vitaliy Malahov

Video – Alexander Bratinov, Sergey Titenko

Sound Engineer – Marina Novitskaya

Lighting Designer – Sergey Nevgadovsky

Stage manager – Lyubov Skirko

King Cain XVIII
Scientist's wife
Foreign governess
Toilet worker
Queen Vlasta
Princess Milada
Prime Minister
Head of the secret police
Military Minister
Agent No. 214
Agent No. 541
The first royal herald
The second royal herald