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Performance start 18:00
Ticket price 120 hrn

The famous novel by Panas Mirny for many of us remained one of the compulsory books of the school curriculum.
And we are sure that there are questions that the society has not yet found the answers on.
In order to get closer to this, we will transfer the collisions of the novel to the everyday life of those whom the socialist turned away from the young men who committed the crime and are now in places of deprivation of liberty.
Who, if not they, knows the answer on the question: “Why do brave, honest, and frank people become robbers and murderers?”

Is the so-called “unreliability” congenital and is transmitted from parents to children.

We will put this question before you.

In the play, the author’s songs are performed by the rock-jazz band of the Theater on Podol.



Performance language - Ukrainian

2 hours 30 minutes with intermission

Genre - Drama

First night - 8 November 2018

Author - Vitaly Zhezhera by the novel Panas Mirny

Director & Set Designer - Vitaly Malakhov

Costume Designer - Svetlana Zaikina

Lighting Designer - Sergey Nevgadovsky

Sound - Sergey Shevchenko

Video - Alexander Bratinov

Stage manager - Lyubov Skirko

Maxim Moskal
Grandma Orishka