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Ticket price 100-350 hrn

This is a psychologically masterful play about the death of love and hope, the illusory nature of human happiness.

True admirers of A. Chekhov’s art, who subtly feel the atmosphere of his works and are familiar firsthand with his characters, will feel especially at home with “Uncle Vanya”. He is one of the few today who preserved the primordial essence of the world of drama, created by the author according to the laws of immortality, whose name is love. 

Performance language - Russian

2 hours 30 minutes with intermission

Genre - Scenes from a country life

First night - 10 January 2003

Author - A. Chekhov

Director - Vitaly Malakhov

Set Designer - Anton Lobanov (using the scenery of Daniil Lider)

Music - Vladimir Borisov

Romance - by Alexander Klauning

Serebryakov Alexander Vladimirovich, retired professor
Elena Andreevna, Serebryakov's wife
Sonya, Serebryakov's daughter from the first marriage
Vojnitskaya Mariya Vasil'evna, widow of secret adviser, mother of the first wife of professor
Voynickiy Ivan Petrovich, son of Maria Vasilievna
Astrov Mihail L'vovich, doctor
Telegin Il'ya Il'ich, impoverished squire
Marina, old nurse